Dumbbell Wood Chopper

  1. Stand with a shoulder width stance. Begin with the dumbbell near one of your quads.
  2. Rotate at your upper spine to engage the obliques.
  3. You can pivot your back foot to keep from generating too much torque at the knee.
Grips Neutral
Mechanic Isolation
Force Pull
Difficulty Advanced

How To Perform The Dumbbell Wood Chopper


Grab a single dumbbell and hold it horizontally with the ends of the dumbbells in each hand. Use a wider than shoulder width stance. We have to hit both sides of the obliques with this exercise. So we will begin with going right to left. You can perform either side first.

Start with the dumbbell on the outside of your right quadricep.


Think explosively when performing this movement. Rotate at the spine bringing the dumbbell from your right quadricep up to roughly eye level on your left side. Keep your elbows mostly extended. Do not rotate too far. The dumbbell should not go behind your body. Going behind the body will put too much stress on your lumbar spine. 

Also, as you are rotating at the spine, pivot your back foot. Your right foot in this example. Imagine you are performing a baseball bat or golf swing. Pivoting that back foot will keep your back knee from twisting too far.