Pull Ups

Difficulty: Intermediate

  1. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip, arms and shoulders fully extended.
  2. Pull your body up until your chin is above the bar.
  3. Lower your body back to starting position.


Difficulty: Beginner

  1. Grip the bar with the palms facing forward, your hands need to be spaced out at a distance wider than shoulder width.
  2. As you have both arms extended in front of you holding the bar, bring your torso back around 30 degrees while sticking your chest out.
  3. Pull the bar down to about chin level or a little lower in a smooth movement whilst squeezing the shoulder blades together.
  4. After a second of squeezing, slowly raise the bar back to the starting position when your arms are fully extended.

Bent Over Barbell Row

Difficulty: Intermediate

  1. Grab a barbell with a shoulder width pronated or supinated grip.
  2. Bend forward at your hips while maintaining a flat back.
  3. Pull the weight toward your upper abdomen.
  4. Lower the weight in a controlled manner and repeat.

Cable Pullover

Difficulty: Intermediate

  1. You can use any attachment. Cable should be set all the way to the top of the machine.
  2. Grab your attachment and walk a few steps back. Push your butt back to where you are leaning forward somewhat.
  3. Initiate the movement with your shoulders and not your elbows. Imagine trying to pull the attachment through your thighs at the bottom.