Machine Standing Calf Raises

  1. Adjust the machine in accordance with your height and place your shoulders underneath the padded lever.
  2. The balls of your feet should be supporting your weight on the calve block, your heels extending off of it.
  3. Extend your heels upwards while keeping your knees stationary, and pause at the contracted position.
  4. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.
Grips None
Mechanic Isolation
Force Push
Difficulty Beginner

How To Use The Standing Calve Raise Machine


Adjust the height of the shoulder pads to where you have to do a miniature squat to get the weight in position to begin the set. This will help you get a longer range of motion.

Place the balls of your feet on the edge of the platform and perform your mini squat to start the set.

Performing The Standing Calve Raise

Let the weight fully flex your ankles and look for what feels like a stretch in your calves at the bottom of each rep. Spend an extra second in this stretched position. There is some indication that stretching a muscle while under a load is great for muscle growth.

Then initiate the concentric. Extend your ankles to the degree that your range of motion allows for. Imagine you have a string on both heels being pulled directly up toward the ceiling. When you have gone high enough, you should feel your calves contract hard. Spend an extra second in this contracted position before beginning the eccentric.